The Reason

The Reason


About me - Brian - Photographer

I am an engineer by degree and spent most of my working years in a technical sales role in the construction world.  My wife and I started shooting weddings in 2003 part time and really enjoyed sharing that special day with the Bride and Groom and kind of reliving ours each time.

In 2009 with some economic changes and a new son I jumped head first into photography shooting everything I could to see where my passion for photography would take me.  Six years later I am still going strong and loving every day.

I ultimately shoot with the goal to leave a legacy for you and for me!

There is a team and we aim to please!

On several occasions we have a team of photographers usually for weddings or corporate events where we have multiple photographers to capture all of the moments.  

When we choose other photographers they are experienced professionals that typically own their own photography business and we help each other out.